Photo: Amelia

Lloyd Taylor-Clark invites us into his warmly melancholic daydream on “Some Sunny Day”, announces debut album

Lloyd Taylor-Clark is a songwriter who is now based in Oregon, though he was born in the Midlands – and wrote most of his debut album, Swan Songs, in London. The record will be released on September 17 through Demo Records, and he says about it:

“Most of the songs that made the cut for the album are about London and England. I kind of put these songs together as if creating a photo album to look back on. I wanted to give my thoughts and memories a home to live in.”

The first single to be shared from the record is “Some Sunny Day”, which isn’t so much a memory as a mood; it finds Lloyd in his bedroom studio, watching the sun drifting by, wasting time while he’s “thinking of another day”. He invites us into this little bubble with a warm, 70s-indebted sound palette of rustic acoustic guitar, bluesy melodies, and his personable voice. With these simple elements, we feel the sun’s glow coming through the window as we sit alongside him on his bed to “watch the daffodils dance”. Later, as a ribbon of synth and some light finger drums come in, we feel mentally transported somewhere beautiful and rejuvenating. In this mellifluous and laid back setting that he’s cultivated, it doesn’t feel bad at all to waste the time and simply drift away into reverie.

Listen to “Some Sunny Day” below or on streaming platforms.

Lloyd Taylor-Clark’s debut album Swan Songs comes out on September 17 through Demo Records (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can find him on Instagram.