Liars are known for never making the same record twice, but they were consistently dark and usually organic, often accompanied by strained vocals. On their sixth LP, WIXIW, the trio take the biggest leap from their catalogue with an album rooted in electronically produced sounds. It’s still moody but with vulnerability that seems to speak to a wider audience than any of the avant-garde rockers’ previous efforts.

On July 7th, Liars arrived in Portland just in time for our version of heatwave (anything above 80F). The Saturday night crowd packed the subterranean venue at Doug Fir Lounge. I wondered how many of these restless bodies became a fan of Liars with WIXIW. One could infer from during which part of the diversified set, who would force their way into the front of the stage. From the lush transfixing opener, “Doubt” to the more industrial number with the highest danceability of “Brats,” to the eardrum-obilberating trashing of “Scarecrows On A Killer Slant,” Liars made the ninety to hundred and eighty turns uncannily innate.

Before the concert frenzy, the three gentlemen of Liars: Angus Andrew, Aaron Hemphill, and Julian Gross took a smoke break and answered questions regarding the tour, music videos, expectation vs reaction, the duality of the Internet and more.

Check out our interview with Liars, and extensive videos of the show here.

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