Liv.e bets on herself on spry single “Wild Animals”, announces second album

Hyperprolific R&B maverick Liv.e turned quite a few heads with her performance at Utrecht’s Le Guess Who? festival just last week. Hot on its heels is the announcement of the Dallas-based songwriter/producer’s second album Girl In The Half Pearl, out February 10 via Real Life.

Its lead single “Wild Animals” brings a little more polish to her offbeat production smarts; chopped, cobwebbed piano-flourishes and hooky vocals, almost recalling a modern-day Lauryn Hill at times. That marriage between archaic and modern sensibilities goes well with the theme of the song too; shedding the skin of the old you and not looking back.

“I really love the process of coming up with a vision and doing my best to ensure that it will come out just as it was in my imagination. I tend to use almost all my practices as another way to strengthen my trust and belief in myself,” Liv.e says of the song. “The concept is just based on the release of letting go old ‘people pleasing’ habits that I tended to act on in the past a lot. A depiction of gaining the strength and courage to choose myself every time.”

Preorder Girl In The Half Pearl at Liv.e’s Bandcamp-page and watch the self-directed video for “Wild Animals” below.

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