Photo: qlick

Liv.e arrives at self-acceptance on the luxurious “Find Out”

LA-via-Dallas artist Liv.e is releasing her new album Girl In The Half Pearl next month, and following on from recent single “Wild Animals” she has shared a new one called “Find Out”. She reveals:

“‘Find Out’ is a reflection of the moment in my journey where I’m finally having a realization of what it means to really love yourself and take a moment to observe what doesn’t reflect self love. Sometimes you realize you only receive and accept what you feel like you deserve and I finally felt like I deserved more than what I was experiencing.

“Girl In The Half Pearl overall is a chapter of my book where I take you through the journey of my mind states as I’m experiencing the death of who I once was, and ‘Find Out’ is one of those moments where you experience me losing my rose-colored glasses.”

Although “Find Out” is about Liv.e seeing things straight for the first time, which could be a heavy revelation, she instead treats it as a moment of enlightenment. The track coasts on instrumentation and backing vocals that float like clouds of revelation; carrying her mind upwards towards brightness and clarity. Liv.e’s delivery oozes cool and satisfaction, even as she reflects on heartbreak and tough times – she’s been through those moments and they’ve led her to this moment of self-discovery and self-acceptance. It may have been tough, but having found out the hard way she’s now armed with experiences that she’s going to carry herself through life taller, wiser and stronger.

Check out “Find Out” below or on streamers.

Liv.e’s new album Girl In The Half Pearl arrives on February 10 through In Real Life (pre-save or pre-order on Bandcamp). You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.