Streets of larado Vol 1

Think of Brooklyn music, and you probably think of the thriving punk scene, or hipsters in flannel shirts and leather jackets. You’d be forgiven for think then that Streets of Laredo have come from somewhere south of New York – and you’d be right: New Zealand, to be exact. With family members in tow, and acoustic jangling aplenty, the band have just released the first of two self-titled EPs (the second is to be released November 11th), and leading the way for the first one is their new single “Lonsdale Line.” Walking a country rhythm, it soon struts along with a nifty electric guitar riff before breaking free into a harmonica and gun-blazing frenzy. Imagine if Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros had taken the whip crack inspiration of their hit “Home” and tried to re-imagine it with more dynamism and energy and you might be somewhere on the way to what “Lonsdale Line” sounds like. Check it out below, and head over to the band’s website where you can download Streets of Laredo Volume I for free.