Mother Sea

Long Island-based Cloud (aka Tyler Taormina) is on the modest and self-deprecatingly titled Audio Antihero label, and I think it suits him kind of perfectly. On his track “Mother Sea,” he sounds like he’s doing everything he can both to find some cathartic release from this mortal coil, if not just working through the sludge of life, and also plead for his lives to be spared. “I think i’m ready to love myself,” Taormina exhales, almost exhausted. “Mother Sea” is a workout if anything though, so it’s no surprise it’s so tiring for, starting off as a jangly indie affair with crashing drums and guitar strummed amidst distortion before eventually working its way into a tighter extended instrumental outro. The track is take from Cloud’s new album, Comfort Songs, which will be released on August 5th via Audio Antihero. Listen and/download to “Mother Sea” below.