Having made the musical rounds since her debut EP, See.SZA.Run, was released late last year, chilly neo-R&B singer SZA has been dropping various tracks and EP’s at a regular clip.  She also recently announced that she has signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label via the Top Dawg Entertainment imprint.  And so it seems that we may finally get a full-length debut at some point from the singer in the near future.  Until then, SZA has been kind enough to release two new tracks to keep us firmly sated.

The glittering, dreamy pop production of “Julia” (courtesy of Felix Snow and Dave Free) seems a bit leftfield from her previous tracks, but the wide-eyed pop bombast makes it a natural fit for her soaring vocal presence.  Summer radio should be so lucky.  And while it does look like that “Julia” will make an appearance on SZA’s upcomingZ EP, the second track that she shared, the WondaGurl-produced “Teen Spirit” is just a darkly ominous, one-off pop gift to her fans. Listen to both tracks below.