Secret Colours

A couple of weeks back we brought you the impressionable new single from Secret Colours, in the form of “Blackbird (Only One),” taken from their upcoming sophomore album Peach, which is to be released on May 28th. Here’s another one to whet your appetite: “Blackhole” isn’t as blistering as “Blackbird (Only One),” but it feels like there’s a lot more to dissect. Acoustic guitars, stuttering drum machines, Tommy Evans’ voice that could be mistaken for that a cool-tempered female vocalist on first syllable, early Gorillaz-style melodica, and about twenty other sonic details; there’s a lot going on during these five minutes without the track ever feeling overstuffed. While “Blackbird (Only One)” felt like it it was sinking its teeth into you, “Blackhole” is definitely one where the listener can act as the predator instead. Listen below.