Motion Sickness of Time Travel

There is a glacial sense of decay on “Song of Zenana,” the latest track from drone savant Rachel Evans (aka Motion Sickness of Time Travel).  It seems that Evans is continually pulling at the threads holding the layers of instrumentation together, but each note is struggling against this intentional dissolution.  At times static and sterile, but also warm and communal, “Song of Zenana” further places Evans at the vanguard of experimental electronic music.  Her preternatural sense and use of atonal rhythms and skeletal, decomposing beats, while starkly minimalist at times, have a heft and weight that many of her peers fail to recognize is necessary, let alone achieve. Taken from an upcoming split cassette with Aloonaluna for Oakland label Constellation Tatsu, this is going to be released in a limited edition and will be made available on July 2nd.  Listen to “Song of Zenana” below.