franskild - Eden

A collaboration between two Denmark-based Swedes (Love Ojensa and Tim Soderstrom), electronic duo franskild are getting ready to release their latest EP Eden on August 1st via Sweat It Out! Music. Exploring the sounds of deep house and UK garage, not to mention having a particular fascination and obsession with 80’s house music and 90’s break beat French wave, Ojensa and Soderstrom create vast stretches of aural landscapes where swirling synths, haunting vocals, and dreamlike rhythms intertwine and unspool in intricate patterns. Their latest single “Shards” plays with this idea of alternating musical templates, with sound and tones bouncing off one another in deliberate and unexpected ways.  Oscillating synths, gauzy vocals (from Ojensa’s sister Rebekka), and an insistent, though never obtrusive, beat sway together in a dancefloor waltz that feels organic and warm, despite its synthetic superficiality.  Listen to “Shards” below.