Today, Austra offer a deluxe version of their quite good debut Feel It Break, complete with a number of previously unreleased b-sides and covers. Below, you can check out their rendition of the Roy Orbison classic “Crying,” with Katie Stelmanis’ operatic vocals providing a nice substitute for Orbison. Look for the release out now on Domino and we also have the tracklisting below.

Austra – Crying by DominoRecordCo

Feel It Break (Deluxe Version)

Disc 1
1. Darken Her Horse
2. Lose It
3. The Future
4. Beat and the Pulse
5. Spellwork
6. The Choke
7. Hate Crime
8. The Villain
9. Shoot The Water
10. The Noise
11. The Beast

Disc 2
1. Identity
2. Young and Gay
3. Energy
4. Believe Me
5. Trip
6. Pianix
7. Woodstock
8. Crying
9. Beat and the Pulse (M. Shawn Crahan [Clown from Slipknot] Motion Remix)