Image: Joey Maloinkey

Kim Gordon and Bill Nace are joined by Aaron Dilloway as Body/Dilloway/Head, share “Goin’ Down” from new album

Having set the world ablaze with her quaking solo album No Home Record, Kim Gordon now returns to her other project with Bill Nace, Body/Head – except this time there’s a new wrinkle. The improvisational duo have been joined by Aaron Dilloway, and have today revealed plans to release a self-titled album under the name Body/Dilloway/Head on November 19. Gordon says:

“One of the things I like most about playing improvised music and especially in Body/Head with Bill is the constantly exhilarating freedom and surprise about what is going to happen at any given moment. Making this record with Aaron Dilloway, who I have always admired so much, added in another layer of unknown and another way of giving up control. Aaron took our sounds / music as a source and had ‘his way with it’ so to speak, crushing whatever narrative that existed in order to enter into it and making something different than what we would have done as Body/Head.”

The first song to be shared from Body/Dilloway/Head is “Goin’ Down”, a drone track that has no trouble swallowing and menacing you even despite its fairly sparse instrumentation. Gordon and Nace’s guitars are still clearly audible, but there is definitely an extra cloud of beautiful obscurity brought to proceedings, which Dilloway must take some credit for. Take a listen to “Goin’ Down” below.

Body/Dilloway/Head’s self-titled album comes out through Three Lobed Recordings on November 19 (pre-order on Bandcamp).