Key Glock delivers bars and brilliance on “Off The Porch”

On his releases, Key Glock is typically a one-man show, save for Dum & Dummer, his full-length collab with mentor Young Dolph and his more feature-heavy early tape, Whole Lotta Errthang. The Memphis rapper’s flows and lyrics are so well-crafted, and his songs so tight, having even one other voice show up could be overkill, as his new single, “Off The Porch” demonstrates.

St. Louis beatmaker ChaseTheMoney’s minimalist trap production gives plenty of space for Key Glock to fill with his words. Familiar topics are discussed, like coming up, romantic ventures, and dealing with enemies, but Key Glock makes tropes sound fresh with his distinct flow (just listen to how he pronounces “shit” with such subtle power). There are too many great lines to pick out a favorite, but this one perfectly sums up Key Glock and “Off The Porch”: “If I was you, I’d be mad at me too.”

There’s no word on when Key Glock’s next project will drop. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.