Kedr Livanskiy returns with heavenly downtempo track “Stars Light Up”, announces new album

Moscow-based singer and producer Kedr Livanskiy has announced plans to release her third full-length, Liminal Soul, on October 1.

The album comes heralded by new single “Stars Light Up”, an entrancing display of her low-key production nous and diaphanous vocal ability. Even with the words being sung in her native language, it’s eminently obvious that there is a religious, pious slant to them, as her voice sounds stronger than ever. Her words echo off into a cavernous sky created by the spacious textures and beats, and it resonates as if she’s singing into the dome of a holy building. As ever, Livanskiy has created an impressionist piece in “Stars Light Up”, which illuminates a whole cosmos in the mind.

Speaking on “Stars Light Up” and its video, she says: “White-hipped roof vaults – antique arches, but with a Slavic tint. This place is very personal to me. I feel the connection of antiquity, with those times when people turned their gaze to the sky in search of answers to their questions, in order to feel some kind of otherworldly energy and strength. ‘Look at the sky’ is sung in the song, urging people of our time not to lose contact with heaven – not necessarily in a religious sense, but rather a broader metaphysical one.”

Watch the clip below or listen to it on streaming platforms.

Kedr Livanskiy’s new album Liminal Soul arrives on October 1 through 2MR (pre-order/save). You can find Livanskiy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.