Audrey Steimer

Kate Bollinger sways through the playful bounce of “Yards / Gardens”

Richmond, VA-artist Kate Bollinger has joined Ghostly International, joining Hana Vu as part of a seemingly clear move by the label to expand its musical horizons. To mark the occasion, she’s shared her latest single, “Yards / Gardens”, her first new music since last year’s A Word Becomes A Sound EP.

It’s a deceptively lighthearted little romp, belying its lyrical focus, which Bollinger explains represents “feeling resistant to change, during a time when it felt like everything was changing“. Guitarist Chris Lewis provides a winding backdrop for Bollinger’s musings, blending together to form a seamless, decidedly playful mass.

The track comes complete with a genuinely delightful, goofy video of bank robbers run amok. Director Mitch deQuilettes shares: “Kate and I wanted to take the sonic spirit of the track and translate its feeling into the video instead of using the direct lyrical meaning. We wanted to give homage to 60’s & 70’s films such as Godard’s ‘Pierrot Le Fou,’ Melville’s ‘Le Circle Rouge’ and Altman’s ‘The Long Goodbye.’ It was important to us to keep the piece campy and light, while keeping it grounded in realism.

Check it out below in all its campy glory.

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