Photo: Angela Suarez

John Carroll Kirby announces new album with the elemental funk bop “Rainmaker” and its retro video

LA-based multi-instrumentalist and prolific collaborator John Carroll Kirby has announced he’ll be releasing a new album called Septet on June 25 through Stones Throw. It’s called Septet in honour of the ensemble with whom he fleshed out his future funk songs, and you can hear the lead single “Rainmaker” now, along with a video that has cameos from Mac Demarco, Cola Boyy and more.

As with last year’s My Garden, Kirby is fascinated by the nature that inhabits his home city, and those of you who’ve spent a lot of time in LA know that it doesn’t rain often, but when it does it’s something quite magical. “Rainmaker” taps into that with cascades of flutes shimmering like raindrops, while animated keys and popping bass play like a laid back block party for all the plants and animals enjoying the downpour while the humans scamper inside. You won’t be able to stop yourself from moving to its insistent groove, even if you’re just sitting inside watching the rain roll down the window.

The video for “Rainmaker” is also quite special in a different way, showing the band playing the song while Kirby takes up the role of “the egomaniacal producer, the eager engineer, the snobby record exec, the random guy in the corner, the musicians feeling themselves.” Watch closely for those cameos! Otherwise check out the full-length version of the song on streaming platforms.

John Carroll Kirby’s new album Septet comes out on June 25 through Stones Throw. Find him on Instagram.