Cassowary is the moniker of Miles Shannon, an artist fusing his jazz training with the progressive beat scene of his home in California. On April 24 he’ll be releasing his debut album, Cassowary, via Fat Possum, and following on from the release of the singles “She Funked Me” and “Belt Notch!” he’s this week shared the beguiling “Moth”. Of the new track Shannon says:

“‘Moth’ is an experimentation with time and groove. It was inspired by the sporadic movements of a moth in flight, going towards light. With this in mind, the song is also meant to harmonically represent drastic ascension following a lower point.”

As promised, “Moth” flutters and floats with the simultaneous grace and spontaneity. Cassowary combines glistening keys with rich ribbons of sax and bass, coiling around the stutter-stepping rhythm to create a refreshing jazz sound.

Cassowary’s self-titled debut album comes out on April 24 through Fat Possum. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.