Photo by Graeme Flegenheimer

Seeing Radiohead at Bonnaroo this year, I was caught off guard when Thom Yorke thanked Jack White, more or less, out of the blue. Many at the festival suggested it was because the two would perform together during Questlove’s Superjam, which was later on that weekend, featuring “very special mystery guests”, it seemed somewhat reasonable, I just doubted they’d be able to get Yorke to show for it. The big star of that event turned to be D’Angelo, so the mystery lived on.

Another popular suggestion was White was producing for the band, an odd thought. Well, he’s now come forward on the matter, with different news than some expected. White, speaking to BBC 6, said, “I don’t know how much to tell about it except I didn’t play with them or produce.” However, the singer did still have great news for Radiohead fans, adding, “But they came in and recorded at Third Man. I don’t know what else to be said about that, so that’s all I can probably say.” Third man is the studio used by White’s label, so there’s a connection there, but White insists there’s no other. Who knows if there’s more to the tale, but for now, the mystery will at least hit the back burner.