Photo: Kate Hewett

Harkin looks to the glimmer of the future on the gliding “A New Day”

Katie Harkin is releasing her second solo album, Honeymoon Suite, on June 17, and following on from lead single “Body Clock” she has today shared “A New Day”. She says:

“‘A New Day’ is a love song that sprang from glitter and grief. It feels apt to be releasing it in spring because it chronicles my journey from mourning the past to hope for the future. 

“The song itself grew from a pulsing sampler part I made from recording a charity shop keyboard that I’ve since given away to my friend’s daughter. It feels right that the instrument that birthed it should continue to circulate as this song will now. 

“When I was writing the lyrics, the twinkling keyboards made me remember something I read about why we humans are so drawn to glitter. That on a primal level it reminds us of the glint of clean water. The dance of beauty and utility inspires me greatly. I continue to look for clues.”

Saying that it “sprang from glitter and grief” absolutely nails on the head the sound of the song as well as its origin. While the guitars and programmed drums ensure “A New Day” glides with frictionless beauty, there is a twisted knot of feeling audible in Harkin’s words and voice. She’s looking forward to that new day, but it’s evident that she’s not there yet – she’s still in the midst of quotidian turmoil. However, she’s not getting bogged down in the weight of the moment, she’s spinning the worries into pop gold that also happen to deliver a universal message of patience and belief. While “A New Day” spends a lot of time in grief, by the time it reaches its ascendant, empowering finale, it’s all glitter.

Watch the video for “A New Day” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Harkin’s new album Honeymoon Suite is out on June 17 through Hand Mirror (pre-order). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.