Handsome Furs, the band perhaps best (and unfairly) known as ‘side project’ of Wolf Parade co-leader Dan Boeckner, are set to return on June 28th with their new album Sound Kapital. Like their first two albums it will be released on Sub Pop.

For this album Boeckner and his partner in marriage and music Alexei Perry wrote all the songs on keyboard. Reportedly they took inspiration from 1980s Eastern European electronic and industrial music.

See if you can place the inspiration yourselves by downloading the track “What About Us” below. Also check out the tracklist at the bottom.

Sound Kapital tracklist:

01. When I Get Back
02. Damage
03. Bury Me Standing
04. Memories of the Future
05. Serve the People
06. What About Us
07. Repatriated
08. Cheap Music
09. No Feelings

[via Pitchfork]