In case ya missed it, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong had a bit of a fit the other day. More than a bit, you might even say. In a godly, “fuck this, fuck that” moment, Armstrong accused the promoters of iHeart Radio Festival of cutting his set short, unleashing his rage.

Since then, the band has apologized, and Armstrong has revealed he’s headed to rehab for substance abuse, according to the Associated Press.

The most confusing aspect of the story comes from what triggered it: at the time, Armstrong was angry over having only a minute left in his set, and in the video, it does indeed seem he’s being cut off too early. However, since then, the band’s “admitted” they weren’t cut short, despite all signs contradicting them.

Perhaps Armstrong was so clearly affected by whatever drugs he’d been taking, even during his pre-rant performance, that the organizers were forced to cut the show short. Previously, the word had been it was a decision to allow for more time for Usher.

Personally, I’m torn. The rant was a tad too “I’m a god, hear me roar!” based for my liking, but if he was in fact cut short, I almost can’t blame him. Besides, it provided us with the gem, for all time, “I’m not fucking Justin Bieber you mother fuckers!” Gotta love it. In a way, Green Day are behaving more like a punk band than they have in years. With all the attention it’s getting, it may even turn into a win.

In case you missed it, here’s the rant in all its glory: