Photo by Philip Cosores

This is the first we have heard about this, but apparently there have been some rumors swirling that Fucked Up’s frontman Damian Abraham may be leaving the group because of the demands of touring. And now, thanks to an interview with Spinner, these rumors appear to have some legs.

In the article, Abraham offers a number of quotes on his status with the band, many of which are pretty troubling. Try this one: “I can’t tour anymore. I don’t want to take that away from them, so I would love to find a way to basically make it into a constantly evolving thing where sometimes Fucked Up can go on tour and other times, it’s another band involved with us.” He is referring to the band members numerous side projects, as well as the idea of Fucked Up playing shows without him involved.

Abraham also offered the following: “I have no idea how it’s all going to work out. I know we’re going to take this long break and hopefully we can think about it and figure it out a little more. It’s weird because it’s not like you’re working a job where you don’t like it anymore and you want to move on for whatever reason — it’s not just you, it’s five other people who are also working at the same job.”

And while no decisions have been reached yet, the band does have a new video for David Comes To Life track “Running On Nothing,” directed by Fucked Up member Sandy Miranda. Check it out below via Pitchfork.

Fucked Up “Running on Nothing” from Sandy Miranda on Vimeo.