Photo: Charlotte Player

Falle Nioke urges people to show compassion on the stunning “Wonama yo ema”

Falle Nioke is a singer and percussionist from Guinea Conakry, West Africa, who has a new EP called MARASI coming out at the end of the month. The four-track offering was produced entirely with sir Was, after the two met in Margate and hit it off. The latest offering from the EP is “Wonama yo ema”, about which Nioke says:

“”Wonama Yo Ema” means “do not look down on people.” If you help someone who is poor or in need, don’t judge them or spoil their name in the community.”

Even without understanding the words, there’s no mistaking the warmth and graciousness in Falle Nioke’s gorgeously rich voice, which carries “Wonama yo ema”. Of course, the wizardly production is also a factor, with subtle synths and electronic effects adding atmosphere to the more traditional African sounds that are the core of the track. These elements in combination make “Wonama yo ema” absolutely stunning, a prayer for compassion being sent up to the violet heavens and around the globe with nothing but hope and good will. Sometimes we get quite down about the modern world and the people in it, but “Wonama yo ema” is the perfect tonic, its enrapturing tones reminding us that human nature is inherently good, and that it all starts from being a positive person and putting grateful energy out into the world.

Falle Nioke and sir Was’ MARASI EP arrives on April 30 via PRAH Recordings. You can find Nioke on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.