Matilda Cole captivated last year with the release of her debut single “The Clouds”, showing poise beyond her 18 years. She continues that trend with her follow up single “Be There”, which is released today. Opening up about the new track, she says:

I wrote ‘Be There’ at a time where I was willing to give myself up for another person. I like to think that I’ve since found myself in being alone, so the video is focused on me – rather than the ‘me’ I created for someone else.”

While she may now have moved onto a place of greater self-love, “Be There” evocatively finds her right in a space of sheer need for someone or something that she doesn’t quite know – but is already prepared to change her hair or anything else in order to make it work. With lightly kissed synths and pattering drums underneath her beseeching voice and words, we feel her struggle as if we’re listening to the murmurs of her soul. The tenderness in her confession is stunning, and puts us back in our youthful mindset, when life’s value seemed dependent on finding love or something ‘meaningful’ – it’s a powerful trip.

As mentioned in Cole’s above quote, she self-directed the video for “Be There”, which you can watch below.

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