Dora Jar takes us on an idiosyncratic mental and sonic trip in “Scab Song”

Hyper-creative newcomer Dora Jar released her debut mini-album Digital Meadow earlier this year to much acclaim, but she’s not resting on her laurels, coming fizzing back today with a new song called “Scab Song”. She says:

“I wrote scab when I was nineteen because I had a scab on my leg that looked like Hawaii and then I thought about bodies for a while and now here is this song about that.”

For a mind like Dora’s, that’s all the impetus needs to be in order to set off on a weird and wonderful journey towards a new song. “Scab Song” begins with some acoustic guitar and Dora contemplating her island-shaped scar, but quickly spirals off to idyllic beaches of the mind; “I’ve got a brain in my head and it thinks as hard as Einstein ever did” she ponders as seagull-like synths chirp in the background. A beat kicks in and we’re off on a sunshine stroll through her thoughts, where she contemplates how veins are like spaghetti, goes floating out of her body and expresses her desire for infinity. Just when you think she might float away and the song will fade out, it comes smashing back in with an emphatic fuzz-pop banger of a finale – then it does just dissolve into blissful nothingness.

Listen to “Scab Song” below or on your preferred streamer.

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