Hype is a funny thing, especially in the music world; when it’s not acted upon quickly it dies out, but is never entirely forgotten, then at the mere mention of something to do with what the hype was all about it springs back into full force for a little while before dying down again. Just ask fans of Dr. Dre who have been waiting 12 years now for Detox, the promised follow up to 2001 and it still hasn’t been delivered, but every time some new piece of information appears people start getting excited again.

Second only to fans of Dr. Dre are fans of D’Angelo, the neo-soul prodigy who released two albums, Brown Sugar in 1995 and Voodoo in 2000, both to huge critical acclaim. In the years since there have been many promises of a third album, with the title James River being touted about and a leaked track in 2007, but due to D’Angelo’s spiral into depression, several addictions and legal charges the album has been put on hold indefinitely.

That is, until yesterday when long time friend and collaborator Questlove wrote on his Facebook page “Entered the studio with Michael D’Angelo Archer & Pino Pallidno for the first time in 11 years, and it is magic.” This follows on from producer Russell Elevado stating back in January that they were “finishing” the record. It’s only little, but magnified by the hype, the story and the wait for this album, it’s a pretty big deal.

Let the excitement be reignited.

[via The Urban Daily]