Daft Punk joins Phoenix at MSG

Photo by Breezie Gindlesperger

Well last night everybody in the blogging world seemed hell-bent to just report that Daft Punk were appearing with Phoenix at the climax of the biggest show of their career. But what does it all mean?

Phoenix have been drawing skeptics for the last year about whether they were headliner material and hear they go and pull the biggest musical moment of the year, or, maybe Phoenix needed to do something this big to justify the large venues and hit or miss performances.

Then there is the question of how big of deal this really was from a music standpoint? It’s not like they couldn’t just get anyone in suits and have them push some buttons and say they were Daft Punk. If Jay-Z or Kanye comes out, you have an interesting musical moment. With Daft Punk, you have a P.R. stunt.

And finally, does the Cloverfield-esque video footage seem extra menacing or is it just me. Part of me expects Daft Punks to pull out lasers and start eating Phoenix alive. And if that did happen, would the audience still be pro-Daft punk? I think so. Creepy.

Check out some of the crappy footage: