Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band ‘Outer South’ Cover Art


So looks like Conor and the band have decided to go whole-hog and accredit the album to ‘Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band’ unlike the previous album which only mentioned Conor Oberst. It seems only fair as several of the tracks have been contributed by other band members.

Not sure about the significance of Oberst being blindfolded on the cover; maybe it’s some kind of symbolism? Or maybe they’re just having a game of Marco Polo.

Track list for Outer South:

01 Slowly (Oh So Slowly)
02 To All The Lights In The Windows
03 Big Black Nothing
04 Air Mattress
05 Cabbage Town
06 Ten Women
07 Difference Is Time
08 Nikorette
09 White Shoes
10 Bloodline
11 Spoiled
12 Worldwide
13 Roosevelt Room
14 Eagle On A Pole
15 I Got The Reason #2
16 Snake Hill

Outer South will be released May 4th in Europe and May 5th in the USA.

– Rob Hakimian