CIEL make an immediate impact on effervescent new track “All My Life”

A mere seven months ago, Brightonian band CIEL released their debut EP, Movement, a four-track collection that grew out of their Netherlands-born leader Michelle Hindriks moving to Brighton to open a new chapter of her life, which soon saw her settling into her role as the band’s vocalist and guitarist. Taking cues from shoegaze, nervy post-punk and spacious dream-pop, it laid down the foundations of their sound while hinting at there being more to come – and indeed, there was.

Premiering on Beats Per Minute today, “All My Life” finds the trio – completed by Jorge Bela Jimenez (guitar/synths/bass) and Tim Spencer (drums) – building on those foundations as well as broadening their horizons. Here, they hone in on a more immediate sound that crackles with vitality as it skews toward pure pop; bright and engaging enough that you’d never suspect it’s an introvert’s anthem (“All my life, I’ve been watching everything from the side”). Hindriks explains:

“I have always been quite shy and a very introverted person. Although I love parties and hanging out with other people, I need a lot of time for myself and to be able to do things at my own pace too. The song is about finding your way into the world, which can be quite loud and fast-paced when you’re a more soft-spoken person. And realising that you can make a difference in a more subtle way, and stand in your power that way.”

Produced by Iggy B (Ghostpoet, Spritualized, John Grant), “All My Life” is the first taste of a new batch of material the band have been working on, set to see the light of day next year – and you should have them on your radar if this is anything to go by. Tune in below:

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