Photo: Shabnam Ferdowsi

Cheekface are enthusiastic virtue signallers on the addictive “Pledge Drive”

LA’s groovy jesters Cheekface return today with “Pledge Drive”, another single in their continuing series since last January’s debut album Emphatically No. About the new song, guitarist and vocalist Greg Katz says:

“Last year, me and Mandy [Amanda Tannen, co-songwriter + bassist] were in the practice space vibing on Television and came up with this groove. It was the first song we wrote in-person together since the pandemic started and I think you can tell from the way the guitar and bass weave in and out of each other and meet on a couple of notes.”

Unmistakably, the pleasure of re-uniting comes through in the way the bass, drums and guitars all dance around each other in a complicated hopscotch throughout “Pledge Drive”, effortlessly building a bouncing momentum. Katz matches that vitality through his sardonic singing, detailing how “no one is mad at me” because he’s just your average virtue signalling dude in every conceivable way. In the second verse he gives us an example of his righteousness by describing how a popular Peruvian supergrain is ruining the environment and economy. His do-gooder nature even goes so far that, in the addictive chorus, he offers himself up for the chop: “If woke dudes must die / I’ll go first”, he sings with pure, shining, chucklesome earnestness.

Listen to “Pledge Drive” below or on your preferred platform.

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