Photo: Chan Kim

caroline share stirring folk debut single “Dark Blue”

caroline are new London-based septet that make swelling and atmospheric folk music. The act has been toiling away at figuring out their sound for a few years now, and after some notable live performances they have been signed by British indie bastion Rough Trade.

Today caroline have shared their debut single “Dark blue”, along with a b-side called “BRJ”. They’ve also shared a video for the slow-burning “Dark blue”, about which they say:

“We see ‘caroline’ as being ‘systems-based’ music in the way that all the musical parts are mutually interdependent and none are expendable. This video shows a city and explores how, with it’s similarly interconnected roads, tracks, tunnels and rivers, it shares something with this characteristic of our music and of this song in particular. A city’s architectural features, and the ways that they coexist with each other, became analogies for the musical parts that knot together in ‘Dark blue’.”

You can watch the video for “Dark blue” below, and stream the track along with “BRJ” on any platform.

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