Boris, Shonen Knife to appear on Japanese Loveless tribute album, out January 23

In the wake of the excitement following Kevin Shields’ announcement of a new My Bloody Valentine album, Japanese rock heroes Boris have announced their appearance on an all-Japan tribute to MBV’s classic 1991 record, Loveless. The album is entitled Yellow Loveless (Yes, that is actually what it’s called) and is set to feature contributions from Boris, Shonen Knife, Goatbed, and Lemon’s Chair, among others. It’s out January 23 via High Fader records, and you can check out the tracklist here:

Yellow Loveless
01. only shallow – 東京酒吐座 (Tokyo Shoegazer)
02. loomer – GOATBED
03. touched – The Sodom Project
04. to here knows when – Lemon’s Chair
05. when you sleep – 少年ナイフ (Shonen Knife)
06. i only said – 東京酒吐座 (Tokyo Shoegazer)
07. come in alone – AGE of PUNK
08. sometimes – Boris
09. blown a wish – SHINOBU NARITA (4-D Mode1)
10. what you want – Lemon’s Chair