Bonjour Motherfuckers #19 – BPM edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and by that, I mean can we please have this nightmare end already aka yes we still believe changing the calendar will actually make a difference. We don’t especially endorse nihilism here at BPM, but we don’t reject it either; although not much matters in the grand scheme of things, music is and always be the exception that proves the rule. 

December is usually a month for taking stock, so since you’re probably already fed up with year-end lists and online fights about who should and shouldn’t be included, Bonjour Motherfuckers has once again decided to escape the customary drama altogether by bringing you more new French music instead of a lazy compilation of the year’s favourites. 2021 may be almost over, but sometimes the best really is saved for last.

Speaking of best, don’t forget today is also the last Bandcamp Friday of the year—which comes as a perfect opportunity for doing your Christmas shopping early AND helping out your favourite artists. Be sure to add the musical treats below to your advent calendar; promise they’re more wholesome (and will last longer) than candy.

La Houle announces new album La Chute

After a first LP released via Requiem Pour Un Twister back in 2018, Simon Sockeel aka La Houle is back with La Chute, a brand new album whose debut single “Toi (Ce Moi)” came out last February. Recommended for fans of industrial-tainted post-punk laced with French poetics, La Chute was produced by Clément Fortin and is shaping up to be an addictive companion to the colder days. Check out the newest clip for “La Mort Des Amants” above, and the whole thing on October Tone bandcamp.

TURFU unveil video for “Poney Club”

And suddenly we get the feeling we’re surrounded by horses, horses, horses, horses. Paris-based duo TURFU‘s newest song and video “Poney Club” is a breath of equine fresh air that serves as the newest taster of their new LP Astrale Nouba, whose physical release is due in March via Airfono. Think futuristic accordions meets electronica meets silly pop—and you’re not even close. Check out the brilliant clip above, and head over to bandcamp to stream the rest of the album.

Guadal Tejaz share new single “Krautoxic”

It’s been more than two years since Guadal Tejaz released their latest album Cóatlipoca, but the Rennes quartet is finally back with an energetic new track that sets the tone for forthcoming LP Noche Triste, due out sometime in 2022 via Crème Brûlée and Beast Records. Halfway between post-punk and electrokraut, “Krautoxic” is an exciting preview of what lies ahead—its only fault is being much too short! Check it out above.

Rémi Parson releases new LP Pour Un Empire

Ex-Londoner, current Parisian Rémi Parson has just released his third album Pour Un Empire via Lyon-based label Isolaa Records. The 10-track LP is a delicious synth-driven trip to the ’80s that mixes more danceable tunes like “Désorienté” or “Une Épave” with ambient-romantic moments, perfect for soundtracking the bluest neo-noirs. You can stream the whole album via bandcamp above, where you can also purchase it on digital and vinyl formats.

Ryder The Eagle records unplugged version of “Follymoon”

The most American of French artists, Ryder The Eagle seems to spend months on end in the New Continent, his 21st century crooner persona benefitting from this permanent geographical tandem. After a new music hiatus that followed his 2019 EP Free Porn, he has recently unveiled new single “Follymoon,” which serves as a preview for a proper LP due out next year, as well as a gorgeous unplugged version of the track, recorded live in Mexico City. You can watch the video above.

BONUS: Midnight Special Records is commemorating its 10th anniversary with a special release gathering nine new tracks from artists from the label (and others “they really like”). It’s called Nocturne (all songs are night-themed) and you can buy it in digital and vinyl formats via bandcamp.

Aaaand it’s a wrap! The second season of Bonjour Motherfuckers BPM Edition has come to an end, and so has the corresponding Spotify sampler. Check it out below, but be sure to buy directly from the artists whenever you can. Joyeux Noël!