Like Charles Aznavour sang in “Paris Au Mois D’Août”, France basically comes to a grand halt for the summer as everybody (or almost) gets about a whole month off. And despite the ‘unprecedented circumstances’ (yes I am using this terrible expression on purpose), this year wasn’t any different; like a ‘con de parisien’ that adores Paris but hates its people, I was thrilled to have the whole city practically to myself.

However, this also meant that August was pretty much a desert in terms of new releases—hence why, as you may have noticed, there was no Bonjour Motherfuckers last month. But the minute the famous rentrée began, exciting new stuff started popping out from every corner, fueled by a renewed sense of connection made possible by a much anticipated return to live music. Venues are reopening, festivals are returning (Levitation France took place in the lovely city of Angers last weekend), and yours truly even got to DJ for the first time in ages. Nature really is healing.

The first amuse-bouches of the season below coincide with another Bandcamp Friday (symbolically enough, on International Music Day which is also the birthday of my cat Prozac), so don’t forget to buy your music directly from the artists whenever possible– giving back makes for good karma. Happy Autumn!

Pepper White unveils new single and video “Lockdown”

Following the disbandment of his band The Madcaps, vocalist Thomas Dahyot thought he’d be saying goodbye to the music biz for good. Things didn’t quite turn out as expected and a bunch of new songs found their way into the world, propelling him to create a new project called Pepper White whose debut LP The Lonely Tunes Of… has just been released via Howlin’ Banana. The first single and video is “Lockdown,” a melancholic (and monochromatic) fantasy that although slightly darker in tone still breathes that wonderful Madcaps energy we miss every single day. Check it out above.

Dragon Rapide release new album Mumbo Jumbo

I think that by 2021 we all have agreed that French rock is indeed an anomaly, yet one can’t help but admire their resilience. And hey, sometimes things do work out pretty well—an example being the new album from Clermont-Ferrand trio Dragon Rapide, which came out last month via Le Pop Club Records/Atypeek Music/Ganache Records. Oscillating between power pop and indie nostalgia, Mumbo Jumbo makes for a pleasant listen and a solid approach to what are otherwise largely anglophone references. More anomalies like this one, please.

Julien Gasc and Louise Roam team up for Fuck Dead

It’s not a menace, but if you dive head first into the deep heavy techno of Fuck Dead it might feel like it. Aquaserge’s Julien Gasc and Louise Roam have just released the first EP from a project they promisingly describe as “a golden Venus, some techno and two exiles from the free party movement to rekindle the rave dream, in the spirit of the divine misfits Alan Vega and Martin Rev”. The self-titled EP, out now via Gaspar Claus’s Les Disques Du Festival Permanent, is a must-listen for anyone interested in retro-futuristic French synths done right. You can stream it in full above.

Ray Jane releases debut single “Lépidoptère”/”Confusion”

If you’re a Bonjour Motherfuckers regular you may remember our excitement with Music On Hold’s debut LP 30 Minutes Of… earlier this year. So even if we’re still waiting to hear new stuff from them, we were recently blessed with the next best thing: family member Mathis aka Ray Jane has just unveiled his first solo offerings under the form of two stunning sentimental-synth tracks titled “Lépidoptère” and  “Confusion” that are now available via Gone With The Weed’s Bandcamp. Guaranteed to rock your rentrée like nobody else can; check it out above.

ANNA unveil video for “Night Night,” announce new LP

Another one from Howlin Banana Records in partnership with Another Record, Tours-based ANNA (not to be confused with En Attendant Ana, also from the Howlin Banana’s roster) have unveiled the clip for their new single “Night Night” that precedes a new LP — their fourth — which is due out in November. Don’t get fooled by the lo-fi visuals; “Night Night” is an unpretentious yet incredibly solid piece of indie pop that hooks you up from the very first note. You can watch the video above; stay put for more news on new album Guilt.

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