Bonjour Motherfuckers #14 – BPM edition

Who would say we’d miss paying three euro for a bad espresso in a windy, precarious terrace, served by a waiter who basically throws it on the table as he lets out a sigh of contempt? But ici c’est Paris, and if there’s something that gives life to the city, it’s got to be the thousands of (now slightly less) crowded terraces, full of locals sipping overpriced Perrier citrons while they judge the passers-by. Spring has sprung, after all.

Concerts are still a distant luxury though, at least indoors. Villette Sonique took place last weekend at Parc de la Villette, but with obvious modifications: the event was free for both days, but reservations were mandatory and concerts divided by slots. Needless to say, the website crashed as soon as tickets went live and all slots sold out pretty quickly. On the same weekend, there was also a ‘test-concert’ at the Bercy arena featuring 80s French band Indochine and a DJ set from Étienne de Crécy. More than a show, this was organised as one of the many scientific experiments designed to test how the virus might spread in this type of social situation: from the more than 20,000 applications, 7,500 were selected; and from those 7,500, 5,000 attended the concert while the other 2,500 stayed home as a control group. If you’re fascinated about Parisians becoming voluntary guinea pigs and are interested in learning more about the experience, you can check out the official website.

But for those of you who prefer to stay at home chilling to your favourite tunes until it becomes safe to attend social events again (or until you get your shot), here’s your monthly dose of what’s good in omelette du fromage land. Dive in below.

À Trois Sur La Plage release debut LP

Liza Liza and Sophie Massa are À Trois Sur La Plage, one of the most exciting French new acts around. After having released a four-track EP in 2018, they are now treating us to a proper full-length that showcases their addictive retro synth-garage-wave, duly previewed by singles “Nuage Nuage” and “Play”. The LP was recorded last Summer between Rennes and Paris with Maxime Smadja on mixing and producing duties, and is now available on digital, vinyl, and CD formats via Paris-based label Gone With The Weed.

Good Morning TV announce first album Small Talk

The story of Good Morning TV first began in 2016, when they released a self-titled EP via Requiem Pour Un Twister. A couple of other adventures and side projects followed, and after a full two years of writing together the group self-isolated in the South of France — the result being their debut LP Small Talk, out later this month on Géographie Recs. Previewed by single “Insomniac”, the album is a spoonful of sparkly dream pop and comes highly recommended to fans of Broadcast or Deerhoof. It’s now up for pre-order on Bandcamp.

Heimat return with new album Zwei

Armelle and Olivier first released material under the Heimat moniker in 2016, when a debut self-titled album caught the attention of the underground/experimental crowd. Fast forward five years later and they’re back with new LP Zwei, channeling major Nico-meets-Catherine Ribeiro vibes and singing in virtually every language except for their own. Zwei is an intense and fascinating LP, to be consumed in moderation as you’re bound to be sucked in. It’s now available via Teenage Menopause Records’ Bandcamp on digital, vinyl, and CD formats.

Food Fight release self-titled EP

There’s always a certain inquiétante étrangeté in having a French group not only sing with a British accent but also use full UK references, and yet Food Fight make it sound like the most natural thing in the world. A self-titled EP coming out later this month via Spanish label Snap! Records is the quintessential example that power pop and mod-punk are not dead — in fact, they’re alive and well and living in Rennes. Although they bring obviously nothing new to the table, we can always use this type of sunshine. You can stream the EP via Bandcamp, where you’ll also find an email in case you’re looking to grab a vinyl copy.

Blessings unveil new single “Palm Tree”

Self-describing themselves as “a band wandering in a timeless space between the Laurel Canyon of the Byrds and the Australia of Kevin Parker and his pals,” Blessings have just unveiled their new single “Palm Tree” ahead of a four-track EP titled Holding The Universe Together that is due out this month on Archipel. The song is a laid-back, shiny bit of mid 70s-inspired indie and makes for the perfect early Summer listen, and like the rest of the EP was recorded at Lyon’s Mikrokosm Studios. Check it out above via Bandcamp.

House party? Pool-side vacation? Impromptu picnic? We’ve got you covered playlist-wise (apologies, but the PCR test is your responsibility). Listen/subscribe/show some love to the Bonjour Motherfuckers sampler below, and don’t forget to check out lest year’s playlist here.