Bonjour Motherfuckers #1 – BPM edition

Yes, you read right: this is your beloved column coming back to life, fittingly in a time when we all seem to be lacking good news on a daily basis. Since live music has come to a grinding halt and the immediate future is looking anything but optimistic in terms of its resurrection, it’s become even more important that we keep supporting our favourite artists (and discovering new ones) through every means possible — and Bonjour Motherfuckers is nothing if not a privileged platform for exporting some of the best new music that’s being made in the land of (currently self-isolated) baguettes.

The date for this return wasn’t chosen at random either; since Bandcamp has announced they’ll be waiving their revenue share on the first Friday of each month, we’ll try to release every new edition of Bonjour Motherfuckers on those dates and link to every artist’s Bandcamp page whenever available. So if you’re reading this on the day it got published, this is yet as another reason why you should consider buying some awesome music from the artists below.

If you were already a regular back in the pre-apocalyptic days when The 405 (RIP) provided a cherished home for the column, you’ll see little has changed: along with a handful of suggested listens comes an ongoing Spotify playlist that will be regularly updated with new stuff, and for the polyglot ones there *might* be a return of the radio show to RUC as soon as normal(-ish) programming resumes at the Portuguese station. Because more than ever we need good things to look forward to.

From Paris, with love. Stay safe out there.

Extraa release debut album Baked

A ray of sunshine in this otherwise darkish spring, Parisian collective Extraa put out their very first full length release last month. Halfway between the euphoric Swinging 60s and the contemplative Paisley-coloured 80s, Baked is a delightful nine-track surprise properly showcased by lead single “A Flower and a Man”, whose psych-tainted clip you can watch here. The LP is out now digitally via Requiem Pour Un Twister, but the physical release has been postponed to mid-May.

Rendez Vous share new single “Shoot Me”

Another band sending vital signs during this otherwise idle period are Rendez Vous, the post-punk quintet that wrapped up their Superior State tour last January at La Cigale in Paris. “Shoot Me” comes under the form of an “unreleased demo track” — definitely less dense sonically than their previous offerings, it is described by a press release as an “un-abused hymn under synthetic drugs.” Oh, and there’s a video to go with it as well; you can watch that here.

Dopamoon share self-titled debut LP

It all began with a fruitful exchange between Francesca Veneziana and Virgile Alien, with Julien Barthe aka Plaisir de France later joining them in a “psychedelicrazycool” adventure mixing tropical disco, yéyé, global groove, and loads of other danceable references. The infectious result is Dopamoon, a collaborative project whose debut LP — featuring the likes of Soleil Bleu, Batuk, Sarah Rebecca, and the hypnotic visuals of Zeugl — is now out via Alter K. You can also stream their Magical Mystery Tour playlist (Sly and the Family Stone! Air! La Femme! The Beatles!) here.

Oracle Sisters unveil “Most Of All”

Another hopeful rainbow amidst the current chaos, Paris-based Oracle Sisters‘ new single “Most Of All” might just be what gets you properly pumped up for a better Summer. Throwing us back to the innocence of dream psych territories that used to colour the season a mere couple of years ago, “Most Of All” is the second single from their upcoming new EP Paris I (due out later this Spring via 22TWENTY), magically illustrated by an upcoming video shot entirely on Super 8 film that celebrates both French cinema and Spaghetti Westerns, and sees lead guitarist Lewis assuming director duties.

Dombrance releases Mexico-inspired EP 

Following up on his long series of tracks inspired by politicians (Taubira, Raffarin, Fillon, Obama…), French producer Dombrance has now turned his attention towards Mexico with a new EP that not only gathers two references to the country (“AMLO” is the acronym for recently-elected president Andrés Manuel López Obrador and “Tulum” celebrates the Yucatán city), but also sees him recruiting artists from sombrero land. “These are not political songs,” Dombrance explains, adding that he just gets “inspired by their names and personality.” The EP is out now via Fauna Rêve, and you should definitely check his Facebook lockdown sessions.

Before you tune into (and like, and subscribe) the new Bonjour Motherfuckers playlist, a word on an important initiative from loads of French new acts: the Sick Sad World “anti-Covid” compilation gathers 41 (!) covers from the 90s and the 2000s reimagined by T/O, TH Da Freak, En Attendant Ana, Periods, Bryan’s Magic Tears, Bandit Bandit, and many many more. Theoretically a free download, they nevertheless ask for you to donate what you can — all money will be given to the homeless and the people who are most exposed and vulnerable to the virus.