Jason Sheehan

Blue Bendy marvel and mystify with wraith-like single “Clean is Core”

South London’s Blue Bendy appear perfectly content writing inspired, amorphous pop music that’s a doozy to classify. The band’s new track “Clean is Core offers yet another strange, bewildering mixture of whimsical and dreary colors, unfolding like a vintage cartoon on a smoldering canvas. Its spooky synths and vocal loops form a rather surreal atmosphere, sounding almost like a Syd Barrett composition on opiates. 

At the heart of the song is Arthur Nolan’s distinct baritone haunting the song: though different in tone and delivery from Barrett, he possesses a similar gift for outlandish impressionism. “’Clean is Core’ is a song about purity,” the band comments. “The idea of being clean and true to a set of beliefs – if it really exists anymore. It’s been said a million times, but it’s a fun topic for some punchline lyricism.” In the press release, Blue Bendy add the offhand remark that they’re big fans of John Higgs, which might offer another breadcrumb of what they encompass. For now, we’re happy to blithely follow their trail.

The song is the final glimpse for the upcoming EP Motorbike (out February 11), which you can pre-order on vinyl here. Listen to “Clean is Core” below and find it on other streaming outlets.

You can find Blue Bendy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.