Photo: Colin Medley

Bernice want to guide you to “Groove Elation” with the blissful lead single from their new album

Bernice, the Toronto-based project helmed by Robin Dann (but with several key collaborators), have revealed plans for a new album: it’s called Eau De Bonjourno and will arrive on March 5 through Telephone Explosion and figureight records. As an amuse bouche ahead of that, they’ve shared the album’s delightful opener “Groove Elation”, saying:

“Think of this song as a ripple through many decades of a life. A silver goblet shines on pink woolen stripes. Maybe this is enough! Maybe we have all that we need to groove. Whether you slept well, stayed up, spoke up or stayed quiet, you’re here now and we should “groove it for sure”. Let us take you there: floating on the surface of a loving feeling.”

After a year when it’s been hard to maintain a positive attitude for a significant length of time, Bernice’s “Groove Elation” is a pure tonic to help forget it all. Dann’s pillowy soft voice crests atop pristine synths, slick beats and lightly jazzy guitar – it could easily fall into the realms of muzak if it weren’t just so tastefully done. It’s the perfect vessel for Dann’s message about being thankful for everything, enjoying every single moment you have, not letting the negativity in for a microsecond, and ultimately reaching a blissful state of “Groove Elation”. For the song’s six minutes, Bernice will get you there – if not for longer.

Bernice’s new album Eau De Bonjourno is out on March 5 through Telephone Explosion and figureight records. Find the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.