A lot of Stevan‘s charm comes from his ability to disarm. His simple, understated mononym is just the first example of many. I call him an R&B singer above more out of need for a simplified descriptor than it’s accuracy: when a press release declares him “multi-disciplined” it isn’t lying.

His music strays between R&B, Hip hop, sunny pop, and more. This writer is unsure of the description would irk him, but picture a laid back, slacker Frank Ocean and you might not be too far off.

Now she’s shared his latest single, “On My Mind”, and revealed his long-awaited debut mixtape, Just Kids. Speaking on the track, Stevan reflects, “We had just played our first interstate show in Brisbane and I was alone in a hotel room. Thinking about where my headspace was at the beginning of the year (2019) and where my state of mind was at that very moment. On My Mind is literally a song about the things that were plaguing my thoughts that night at the Rydges Hotel in Brisbane.

The single immediately speaks to Stevan’s varying charms, a glazed, contented vibe coasting through a summery, drum-centric beat. At least here, his low key singing somewhat outdoes his rapping, but Stevan is clearly one to watch.

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