Arca unloads the manic “Electra Rex” and reveals KiCK iii release

Following quickly on last week’s double drop “Prada” and “Rakata”, Arca has revealed that she will not just release KICK ii on December 3, but KICK iii as well. She says:

“For me KicK iii is the most incendiary entry in the kick universe. The album is a portal directly into the more manic, violently euphoric and aggressively psychedelic sound palettes in the series. Electra Rex is a new archetype I propose in reference to commonly understood ideas of Freud regarding the oedipal complex- Oedipus Rex kills the father and unknowingly making love to the mother. Electra complex posits the binary opposite: killing the mother and unknowingly making love to the father.   And so I am the first to propose a nonbinary psychosexual narrative to avoid falling into the same generational tragic blind spots. Electra Rex, a merging of both names, an integration of both Oedipus Rex and Electra: Electra Rex it kills both parents and has sex with itself, and chooses to live”.

“Electra Rex” is the name of the first single and video to be shared from the record. Take a look below or listen on streaming platforms.

KicK iii will be out on December 3 (the same day as KICK ii) via XL. Follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.