Swanlights. Yes, that was the title of Antony and the Johnson’s last LP. And yes, it is also the title of his upcoming EP, due on Secretly Canadian on April 26th. Also, yes, “Swanlights” is the title of the song that leads off the EP. Has Antony Hagarty run out of ideas? We doubt it. But, it appears that he really, really wants you to pay attention to his song, “Swanlights.”

As noted by Pitchfork, the EP features the title track, as well as two new B-sides and a remix of “Swanlights” from Oneohtrix Point Never. Check out the track listing below.

Swanlights EP:

01 Swanlights
02 Find The Rhythm of Your Love
03 Kissing Noone
04 Swanlights (Oneohtrix Point Never remix)