Album Stream/Video Premiere: Onward Chariots – This Is My Confession / “Mel Gibson”

Onward Chariots - This Is My Confession

In a time when people try to label and compartmentalize music into easily definable groups, Onward Chariots are creating music that defies this type of rote categorization.  On their upcoming album, This Is My Confession, they twist indie pop traditions into something wholly their own.  Building the album–a concept album no less–around the loose narrative of saving a doomed love affair, the band creates intelligent arrangements and adds pensive lyrics to easily slide into the mindset of the narrator of the record.

Take your time and enjoy the album as a whole, as it was meant to be heard.  Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the album stream of This Is Our Confession before its January 29th release date.  Listen to the record in its entirety below.  Look below the album stream for an added bonus.

We are also proud to premiere the newest video from the band for their latest single “Mel Gibson,” where the band peddles their indie pop confection while a modern day Mad Max searches for the band through a crowded city, fighting empty gas tanks and GPS trackers to reach them.  It’s done with tongue planted firmly in cheek but it’s probably not that far off from what would happen if you transported Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome to present day Los Angeles.