Photo: Genesis Báez

Adrianne Lenker pays adoring tribute to a beautiful, untameable love on “dragon eyes”

Adrianne Lenker, the incomparable singer of Big Thief, has two new solo albums coming out on October 23, simply titled songs and instrumentals. Following the breathtaking lead single “anything”, she has today shared “dragon eyes”.

Lenker never comes directly at a topic, although her words often pain vivid pictures, but on “dragon eyes” she’s unafraid to let her feelings really show. Her talent for metaphor is used to paint an intimate portrait of her lover, placing voice front and centre with the minimal guitar reduced to a shuffling hush, so her words and love can stand up strong and proud. In her “dragon eyes”, she sees someone who is fierce and untameable, someone whom she can’t blame, and ultimately someone to whom she is utterly devoted, rounding out the song with the simple wish “I just want a place with you.”

Both songs and instrumentals are out on October 23 via 4AD (pre-order). You can find Adrianne Lenker on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.