Photo: Chris Bernabeo

Adeline Hotel offers ambient acoustics on twin singles “Reliable Feelings” and “Homemade Lemonade”

Created by Dan Knishkowy, Adeline Hotel is the avenue through which the New York musician explores varying veins of experimental folk and hazy pop infrastructure. Tinged with psychedelic rhythms, his past records have all felt incredibly fluid in their approach to genre adaptation — they sparkle and shimmer in the low light of a fall evening, guitars shivering and voices shaking in the cool night air.

On his forthcoming album Good Timing, Knishkowy has stepped back from his usual melodic methodology and operated within a more improvisational landscape of musical impulses. He felt wonderfully uninhibited by this new mostly instrumental process, stating “I liked the idea of embracing that instead of turning this into something more conventionally polished.”

Channeling the work of artists like William Tyler and Jim O’Rourke, he has found a beautiful balance between acoustic experimentation and freeform ambient interpretation. He recently shared two new singles, “Reliable Feelings” and “Homemade Lemonade”, and they function as parallel constructs, both finding ways to plumb the depths of these often minimal sounds while still holding fast the attention of anyone within earshot. Layers of acoustic guitar wander over and under each other in a cyclical call for space, each track a magnificent embrace of the spiraling movements called forth from some distant acoustic ether. 

Adeline Hotel’s’ new album Good Timing will be released February 19 via Ruination Record Co. Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.