Photo: Tim Saccenti

YVETTE push through modern coldness on the galloping “For a Moment”

Last month, Noah Kardos-Fein’s project YVETTE announced How The Garden Grows, their first album since 2014, which is coming out in November. We’ve already heard the opening “B61”, and now the NYC-based project shares “For a Moment”, saying:

“I was mindlessly playing chords through a pitch shifter, and then a goofy drumbeat came through, and I laughed at how mainstream and pop-oriented it all sounded, so I began facetiously singing a vocal line I thought would match this fake pop track. When I stopped, I realised I’d actually stumbled on something catchy, melancholy, and kind of weird. It became a song about taking a chance.” 

Again, it finds YVETTE in Kraut-esque waters as a pulse is thrown down immediately and the song sticks to it rigidly throughout, although this time it’s a much quicker tempo than “B61”, making an interesting juxtaposition with Kardos-Fein’s elongated, emotional vocals. The dreamy guitar strums clue us into his reflective state, and he vacillates back and forth between positivity and negativity as he envisions a brighter future and how to get there. By the time he reaches the conclusive questions “don’t you often feel alone? / Don’t you feel that time slips by?”, we get the feeling that he’s both fearful of these things – and determined to make sure they don’t prevent him from achieving his potential.

Listen to “For a Moment” on streaming platforms or watch the visualizer below.

YVETTE’s new album How The Garden Grows is out on September 17 through Western Vinyl (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.