Photo: Lawrence Agyei

yaya bey muses on the motions of friendship on sultry single “alright”

As we’re anticipating Yaya Bey‘s first fully-realized full-length debut Remember Your North Star (out June 17th on Big Dada), the Brooklyn-based artist unveils “alright”, a soft-jazz inspired tune that in part narrates the strange revolving door-mechanisms of friendships.

Bey sings about how new friends represent a new start, but how old friends understand her better, even if they don’t “kick it” as much. Halfway through, the song slows down as if intoxicated by a glass of wine, as her contemplation dissolves into a tentative optimism for the future.

These dizzying motions are expressed through the gorgeous kaleidoscopic visuals in the video – which she describes as “a visual representation of me coming through an existential crisis”. Like in “keisha” Yaya Bey fourth-walls in-between with some inner illuminations and deeper insights, and how the home is more that just a physical space, but a mental one “I’m gonna make for myself”.

Watch the video for “alright” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Remember Your North Star is out on June 17 through Big Dada (pre-order/save). You can find Yaya Bey on BandcampInstagramFacebook and Twitter.