If you’re a fan out post-rock tracks emerging from what seems like nowhere, then do consider Mount Fabric’s new single “Salamander.” Beginning like another indie ballad with hazy effects and a falsetto drifting about in the air, the whole thing soon takes a turn for the Muse, and soon the bass is chugging the track along, helping Alex Marczak reach his shouty climax, like something that’s taking superficial elements from Foals and channelling them through numerous guitar pedals.

And then there’s the video, which follows a chequered man as he goes about London before going crazy, which may or may not be due to the game of chess he’s playing by himself, or perhaps a consequence of the numerous stares passer-bys on the street give him (which is worth giving the video a watch for just alone, I say; one woman in a cafe looks particularly horrified while underground commuters barely bat an eyelid). Watch it below.

Mount Fabric – Salamander – Official Music Video from Mount Fabric on Vimeo.