Video Premiere: Caviare Days – “When the Light is Breaking” (feat. Ebbot Lundberg)

Caviare Days

Who says the 60’s are dead? More to the point, who says the spirit of the 60’s is dead?  Sweden’s Caviare Days would certainly argue the point were it to be made. Headed by sisters Lina & Maja Westin, the band’s Summer Of Love sound certainly seems a few decades removed from its origins, but through a clever and intriguing re-conceptualization of what made those sounds so refreshingly communal, Caviare Days never come across as lazy or too strictly adherent to one particular set of rhythms or indebted to any specific band.  Streaks of The Mama’s and the Papa’s, Jefferson Airplane, and even ABBA (never a bad thing) can be heard tracing routes throughout their music.

They recently got together with longtime friend and ex-The Soundtrack of our Lives singer Ebbot Lundberg to re-imagine the track “When the Light is Breaking,” taken from their debut record of the same name.  Not so much deconstructing as restructuring, Lundberg adds his own unique stamp on the track, as well as blending his own vocals into the ghostly choral harmonies put so casually on display here.  And now the band has released a video for this remake.  Showing the band goofing around on a beach, while also allwoing us to see a bit of behind-the-scenes footage, this video seems to perfectly encapsulate the carefree and heart-on-sleeve mentality of the song.  At the end of the day, the band would probably rather you just join them for a big bonfire on the beach, guitars and tambourines in hand, playing together as the sun paints watercolor streaks across the sky.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the video for “When the Light is Breaking,” taken from Caviare Days’ debut album.