Track Review: Mesita – “Here For You”

[Self-released; 2010]

Even though he’s currently going through a bit of an artistic crisis, Mesita fans shouldn’t worry too much. These days he’s venting his frustration in tiny minute long pieces every weekday (appropriately under the moniker The Frustration Corporation) but he’s still left us with plenty to enjoy. Personal highlight of his most recent collection of full tracks is “Here For You,” a marching number that’s seems to find a place in your head in an odd way. With its simple piano rhythm running throughout, the hook is there but what’s curious is how this song will get into your head and then blossom in there gradually, shoving out any other memorable tunes you might have in your head.

The song again demonstrates much the same qualities I spoke of when talking about his track “Your Free Spirit”: even though it has distinct qualities James Cooley has kept beside him when making music, it still sounds fresh, interesting and mature. You can actually almost hear the impending frustration seeping into the song: one voice continues to sing one line as other goes in a different direction like his brain is working on two separate things; the guitars also have that tense edge to them, being played with a temperamental stabbing motion; even the lyrics talk (again) of wanting to get away. But it’s also equally frustrating for listeners that Cooley is having trouble realising the rest of his musical ambitions in that the tantalizing wait for his next album is extended. However, when he sings that he’ll be “here for you always” you can’t help but hear it with a reassuring tinge like he’s doing all he possibly can to please you. But as much as he wants to comfort us, Cooley himself can rest happy that his audience will be here for him too. Always.

[The new Mesita EP is due out in a few weeks time. Look out for an LP in 2011]