Sufjan really likes Christmas, doesn’t he? Wrong – he loves it. If a further five volumes of Christmas music in the form of his Silver & Gold boxset wasn’t enough to tide you over for the year, Sufjan has put together a Christmas rap mixtape. It’s getting to the stage where even that sentence seems perfectly normal.

The nine-track mixtape – called Chooped and Scrooged – features the likes of Das Racist, Kitty Pride, and Busdriver rapping some lines over Sufjan’s festive music, with a few additional production guestspots from Deerhoof member John Dieterich, Oliver Blank, Fol Chen, and Son Lux. Stream and download the whole thing below and be sure to play it when your Grandma comes round on Christmas day.

In other Sufjan news, he’s got a new video out, courtesy of director Joe Baughman who has put together a charming stop-motion video for the candy cane-fuelled “Holly Jolly Christmas.” Rest assured, Sufjan looks great in animated form, and it might just be me, but the video recalls that one South Park episode where the kids make their own animated video and painstakingly change the mouths of the singing drawing in each frame. Watch it below, too.